I have been experimenting with literate programming for my personal projects. Checkout my literate apps below and the demo videos from youtube. The homepage itself is availalbe as a literate document here

Custom literate programming tools

Wheel Modern literate programming with cog, python, jinja and sphinx for the web.

Loom Animate your code on the terminal

Index A markdown browser and literate programming IDE written in PyQt


LP can also help with html5 books, organising coding notes, managing code snippets and server configs.

I am exploring game development and data flow flow these days. You can find my current notes below.

Build your own data flow engine
My coding notes + Server Config


Bitrhythm Alt Live coding in the style music trackers for the web using tone.js

Projects in Progress

Plannr Evernote meets twitter

Virtuator A 2D / 3D animation tool with babylon.js for making youtube videos with text

Raptor What if C had python for a preprocessor ?

Iframer Tab management

Twixter Experimental music instruments with tone.js