This project has alternative implementations of Bitrhythm.

A few things implemented from scratch in Bitrhythm are,

  1. DSL for describing music sequences - similar to the tracker notation

  2. A core Music Loop that runs your javascript code, with an edit mode

  3. A knob and guard abstraction for programming automation

You can use Bitrhythm for making music similar to the music possible with trackers like Buzz / Renoise / OpenMPT. I call this approach Hard Coding music. This is also known as executable music in the Demoscene.

You can also use Bitrhythm for Live Coding and Algorithmic composition.

Future additions

  1. Ductape JS port

  2. Raylib port

  3. Replicate complete demo from js

  4. Opengl shader live coding


See https://fossil.xyzzyapps.link/bitrhythm-alt.fossil

The literate code framework wheel used extensively in this project is available here.

The documentation, demo code and the source code in the following webpages is distributed under creative commons, attribution-noncommercial-sharealike license. The source code is self-hosted using fossil here. You can report issues, browse and download the source code from fossil. An Iframe is provided below. You can also get the latest source code here.



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